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Debt Advice Solutions is Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide Debt Counselling, find the right solution for you to get back in control of your debt.

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Our initial advice is provided free of charge and there is no obligation to proceed with our recommendations. All financial solutions are subject to eligibility and acceptance and depending on your chosen solution, fees may be charged by the service provider – if this is the case Debt Advice Solutions will make you aware of any fees before you proceed. Upon successful referral of your case Debt Advice Solutions may receive a referral fee from the service provider.

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Debt Advice Solutions have over thirty years of experience in helping people with debts. We offer a friendly, confidential, specialist service.

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We’re one of a number of organisations that provide free debt advice. To find other sources of free advice, visit MoneyHelper. They’ll listen and give impartial guidance.

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Debt Advice Solutions Ltd does not administer debt management or Insolvency products. You may be referred to our approved providers If we feel that this is appropriate and the best advice in your situation, Debt advice solutions Ltd may be paid a referral fee for introducing you to one of our approved providers. Entering into any debt solution does mean your credit rating will be negatively affected. Default notices will be recorded on your credit file for 6 years. This will mean that you will find it difficult to get further credit for 6 years and until your debts are repaid or settled in full. If you chose to take one of the solutions Debt advice solutions Ltd offers, there may be fees included. However you will be made aware of those before you contract in to any agreement, and you will be given plenty of time to think about what you want to do before making a decision. At no stage are you under any obligation and you are always protected by your consumer rights

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